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Opinel hooked-bill knife

When I go out into the forest and wilderness areas I go prepared to meet up with extrordinary wild life, unknown weather and terrain and beautiful environments. I am prepared for my own safety too.  Here is what I carry.  My day pack includes the following:

1. A good pair of locking hand pruners and a pair of long handled pruners as well
2. Opinel hooked bill knife – I have some special tools I use when harvesting plants. I carry an Opinel hooked bill knife that closes into the handle. It has a brush on the other end of it that I use to brush off dirt and other debris. This knife is really good for harvesting mushrooms and roots.
3. A triple hand lens magnifier – this hand lens magnifies to 5x, 10x and 15x and will close to become 30x. This lens helps me to identify plants by their tissue and small parts.
4. Swiss army knife – provides lots of gadgets.
5. My camera – I love to take pictures of plants. I use these pictures to create my illustrations and to share on my website.
6. Drinking water
7. Rubber boots and a rain slicker for the winter, and washable shoes for the summer and an extra pair of warm socks.
8. A good hat to keep the sun off my head
9. Collection bags.
10. First aid kit that includes matches wrapped in plastic
11. A good compass
12. Binoculars
13. A high energy snack
14. Good maps – forest service maps are the best
15. A whistle – to blow if I get lost or run into a animal I do not want to be near.
16. I sometimes also have a bell to attach to my pack if I think there might be bears around.

17. I wear layered clothes in case I come upon a change in weather

18. My cell phone with the 911 GPS turned on. If I ever get lost, people will be able to find me hopefully.

Here is a link to a great website that has most of these tools available


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